Salty Moses


I wrote this song during 2016 and had it professionally recorded before the Trump Administration backed out of the Paris agreement – thus making the song somewhat prophetic.  I have studied the Climate Change issue a great deal, and have been trained to be a speaker/presenter by the Climate Reality Project.

My goal in writing the song was to bring about an awareness of the issue – hopefully encouraging conversations about it and acceptance of the scientific findings.  As Neal deGrasse Tyson stated – this is an “Objective” science at this point – meaning it is true whether we believe it or not.

Global warming is both a concern and an opportunity at the same time.  Similar to the industrial revolution, global warming is creating an energy revolution – and fossil fuels are being phased out and face competition. This is projected to create a lot of jobs as there is so much to do – and it makes economic sense to do these things as it is now cheaper to fix the problem than continue doing business as usual.

Fossil fuels no longer have a monopoly on transportation – electric cars and fuel cells are here and coming more popular.  Utilities are no longer monopolies – individuals and businesses can generate their own power with solar panels.  Changes in agriculture are turning practices that have been used for 150 years upside down – and large agricultural chemical manufacturers are racing to figure out ways to support the changes taking place.




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