Jody Direen




Jody Direen is the most exciting country pop rock artists to come out of New Zealand in recent years. Hailing from the heart of the South Island (Wanaka), Jody has made a significant impact on the local music scene.  Pairing her amazing vocal talent along with her gifted song writing skills, powerful stage presence, hard work ethic and determination, Jody has garnered a loyal following throughout New Zealand and Australia. Nominated two years in a row for NZ Best Country Album, Jody won this year for her current album “Shake Up”.

In Australia, Jody has released three previous singles off the current album, ‘Gimme The Beat’ and “Dirt Rich’ and the powerful ballad, “Fight”. All these singles have headed straight up our country charts; with the first 2 singles impacting the Top 10 on the National Country Airplay and CMC chart. Now Jody drops her fourth single, Spitfire.

As Jody describes the single, “Spitfire is the ultimate party song. I wrote this on my birthday after attending an airshow to celebrate. There were Spitfire war planes flying around the sky, the sound and atmosphere their presence created was so amazing which sparked the inspiration behind the name of the song. I went home and wrote the song, fuelled by a few red wines!


 I wanted it to be a BIG song, with production elements inspired by that huge 80’s rock ‘wall of guitars’ vibe…think Def Leopard with a country twist. I wrote it from the standpoint of asking myself; ‘what is the ultimate song to be moshing up the front at a festival and singing at the top of my voice to?’. So its about lighting the night up, living in the moment, and care-free loving. Life is short and weekends are for making memories!”


I wanted the video to involve my fans that I love so dearly! A documentary style video was a no-brainer there. I’ve always wanted to shoot a video that gives an insight into life on the road and to show the #1 part the fans are in this entire live music journey!”

Re-locating to Australia in late 2016, Jody released ‘Shake Up’ in November 2016 after touring with The Wolfe Brothers on the This Crazy Life Tour. A new sound for Jody, ‘Shake Up’ is filled with anthems and big beats that have been influenced by 80’s and 90’s rock, combined with popular club synths, banjo, steel and massive country guitars.

Catch Jody performing “Spitfire” at CMC Rocks in March!

For more tour dates and information go to:

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