I-NZ is a New Zealand rap MC based in Dubai. Born in Scotland to Iraqi parents, his cultural diversity shines throughout his music creating a marked uniqueness within a highly competitive and heavily talented environment. Raised in a household of lawyers with a deep interest in politics, I-NZ’s music can occasionally have a slight political undertone. Having discovered his love for musical story telling at the age of 24 in Dubai, it didn’t take long before he found himself affiliated to a rap duo called “Traknotz”. In 2011, Traknotz released a nationwide hit titled “Dubai” that led to a morning show interview on 104.1 Radio 1. I-NZ, as part of Traknotz, has performed at the Formula One, Virgin Megastore Festival and FORTLOM in 2012, where he opened for recognized acts Malikah and Omar Offendum.
Since 2015, I-NZ has embarked on his solo musical career with a hope to inspire and educate others through meaningful music, while maintaining a commercial sound in order to broaden his appeal. With a sound that aims to bridge his Eastern roots with his Western upbringing, I-NZ believes that Dubai is the perfect multi-cultural platform for his voice to be heard.










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