Alda Raven


Alda remakes her 1998 worldwide hit – Real Good Time


Popular singer, songwriter, Alda Bjork Olafsdottir, re-releases her 1998 global hit – Real Good Time, making it in a rockier way


Alda is an Icelandic singer and songwriter that started her career in the late eighties. Alda’s creativity and unique delivery of lyrics and word play helped her gain global prominence, winning the Best Female Vocalist in the Essex Awards in 1998. One of her works is “Real Good Time”, released in 1998, and almost immediately became a global hit. Alda has however re-released the song in a funkier and rockier way, without necessarily taking away the message of the song.


Alda is one of the few entertainers in the music industry that went against all odds and barriers to succeed and make a mark on the global stage. She had hits on practically all music charts across the globe from the UK to Spain, and even Japan. “Real Good Time” and “Girls Night Out” were tremendously successful, bringing her world recognition and fame. She went on to sell more than 5 million records globally, reiterating her position as a singer to reckon with in the world.


The re-creation of Real Good Time establishes Alda as one of the few evergreen entertainers, as she expresses her versatility and creativity in the new version of the hit single.


The old version of the song is available on YouTube as well as the re-created Real Good Time, providing her fans with nostalgia, while allowing the “new school” music lovers to have a feel of what good music feels like.


The new version of the song is available on YouTube and Amazon for global listening.












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