Dubistry pushes barriers. Drawing on lovers’ rock, punk and jazz, Dubistry combines club music and art music, island sounds and city streets, into brash, warm songs for dancing – and making revolution. The combinations feel organic and fresh, yet never too far from their musical roots.


Dubistry’s latest recording “FUEL FOR THE FIRE” continues the band’s maturing trajectory toward a sound that unifies musical genres. From the funk-inflected “Butterfly” to the Lover’s Rock inspired “All Through the Night” to the weighty dub of “Tomorrow”, Dubistry continues to make new sounds while respecting their influences. This is especially apparent in the reimagining of Joni Mitchell’s “Blue”, which maintains the original melody while adding classic dub rhythms and effects.


Dubistry are –

Ahmondylla Best: Percussion


Dunia Best: vocals, flute


Todd Nocera: keyboards


Rashad Randolph: Drums


Aram Sinnreich: bass


Matt Urbania: Guitars




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