Ronald Simone




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This project started in 2013, with my first EP “Watching The Stars”. It all began when I included Sinatra songs in my live set, and was overwhelmed with the audience response, although I know I don’t sound anything like him, I just couldn’t resist writing some songs in that style. Stuart of One Night Stand Music said of “How Are You Today” – Once more another outstanding track, please keep sharing your music with us”.


This encouragement gave me the confidence to continue, so I hired a new arranger and a new producer who were willing to help me experiment with the sound.


In the second EP “Swing Sensation” you can hear that start to happen, but as the lyric states at the end of verse two of “Win Win Win” This race is sealed and signed.


“Win Win Win” is my third EP and I’m certain that we now have the musical signature that is Ronald Simone, which is epitomised in the title track. The lush backing vocals blended with a jazz pop vibe make listeners sit up and take notice and the excitement is tangible. I signed my first contract with Joey Welz of Canadian American Records in 2013 and have since had interest from several sync licensing companies, but it’s this EP that’s ready for radio. The Next EP Coming Soon is “Time”.












Charlie H Russell



Charlie Russell is a self-taught musician / songwriter / arranger / producer; his recordings are intentionally melodic, giving you this highly enjoyable first look.


Charlie H Russell is an independent, Composer / Producer / Musician, with a catalog of 400 plus songs, that cover a wide range of emotions, styles and tempos, from jingles to cues, Swing, Big Band, Latin, Smooth Jazz, R&B, Blues, Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, Island, Cinematic, some Rock, Country and Classical.   He composes and records about two songs a week, he also creates custom pieces of music for any opportunity or client.


Charlie H Russell born 4/7/1956, with his infectious melodies and inventive arrangements, makes his radio friendly and artistically intriguing, Smooth Jazz, Neo-Soul sound, go-along ways towards establishing his music.


There are moments, of cool soulful grooves, with hip rides in jazz improvisation, and the ripping funk Bass lines, Sax and Horn lines are both, hot and cool.   A one man shop, he plays guitar, bass and keyboards, his keyboard works can make you feel so good, that he may shock you with his electrically charged guitar solos, the sax and horns lines on his recordings, are both powerful and warm. The horns lines are played on his keyboard with a Virtual Instrument patch.   Charlie’s recordings are intentionally melodic.






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Peter Hostage



Born Hartford Ct., 1957; raised in Nashua, NH.


Taught himself guitar at age 10, piano at age 11.


Inspired by the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, BB King, Mike Bloomfield, Mississippi John Hurt, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Otis Spann, among many others.


1970’s – Played in bands through high school playing blues, country rock and classic R&B, started writing songs.


Attended New England Conservatory, then Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, 1978-82.


1980’s – Formed original bands that played throughout New England and opened for Taj Mahal, Dave Mason and Steve Forbert.


1986 – Released “Motion” an album of original “blue-eyed soul,” with 5 piece band.


1980’s – Began performing more jazz, as solo, trio and with big bands.


1990’s – Performed throughout New England as bandleader with trio and 6 piece swing & soul band.


1996 – Started teaching private music lessons full time.


1999 – Released “Do That,” a jazz trio CD featuring all original compositions.


2004 – Released “Swingin’ the Blues,” CD of original swing, blues and jazz with 9 piece band.


2008 – Released “American Standard Blue,” CD of classic standards and blues in solo, trio and 6 piece band formats.


2012 – Released “The Wayback Machine,” songs from the birth of jazz and blues. Peter performs on all of the instruments.


2000 – Present: Produces music for film & TV, Music featured on “Dateline NBC,” “Bad Girls Road Trip,” “Storage Wars,” and internationally.


2000 – Present: Engineers and produces CDs and demo recordings for local solo artists, rock bands and classical musicians.


2015 – Writing, arranging and recording new original music in the style of the American standards and blues.



Peter Hostage is a jazz/blues pianist/vocalist from New Hampshire, USA. He cites Ray Charles, Mose Allison, Dr. John, Bill Evans, Count Basie, Big Joe Turner and Louis Jordan among his major influences.


Mr. Hostage taught himself guitar and piano starting at the age of 10. The Beatles and Bob Dylan were his first major influences, but he was soon taken with the blues of B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Ray Charles, Paul Butterfield, Robert Johnson and Mississippi John Hurt.


Peter started gigging in his early teens as a solo guitarist/vocalist playing country blues at coffeehouses and house parties. That led to opportunities to play guitar and piano with local blues and R&B “bar” bands, though he was still under age for those kinds of gigs!


Peter attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, as a piano/composition major from 1978 until 1982. There he found a deep appreciation for jazz and improvisational music, and started performing jazz along with blues and classic R&B.


Mr. Hostage formed his own rock and R&B band in the early ’80s and in 1986 released his first album “Motion,” a collection of original “blue-eyed soul” songs. By the late ’80s he had also started performing with his jazz trio, and gigging with some area jazz big bands.


In 1999 Peter released his second original album, “Do That!” with his jazz trio. In 2001 he put together a 9 piece swing and jump blues band called the Peter Hostage Situation, and released an album, “Swingin’ the Blues,” of mostly original songs penned by Mr. Hostage. “American Standard Blue,” released in 2008, features jazz standards and blues covers, performed with his working band at that time.


In 2012, Peter recorded an album of “songs from the birth of jazz and blues,” called “The Wayback Machine.” On this recording, Mr. Hostage plays all of the instruments including piano, bass, organ drums, guitar and vocals.


Mr. Hostage continues “blurring the line between jazz and blues” with his newest (2018) release “Uptown,” on which he again performs all of the instruments. This album of 12 songs is written, arranged, recorded, produced and mastered by Peter in his modest home studio.


Mr. Hostage is a full-time music instructor with over 50 students per week, so touring is not an option right now. Instead, he will embark on his “World Wide Web” tour with live streaming concerts from his home studio broadcast to Facebook Live and concert streaming websites. He is also writing songs for a new release planned for 2019.




Major Influences:

The Beatles, BB King, Otis Spann, Joe Turner, Louis Jordan, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Horace Silver, Mose Allison, Ray Charles, Dr John, Professor Longhair, Paul Butterfield, Hank Jones, Aretha, Red Garland, many more!

Records on Blue Note, Stax/Volt, Atlantic, Motown, Prestige, Minit, Impulse.









Paragon Cause



“Next Time” is the first single off their first album, “EscaPe”. With roots in Jazz, the modal structure of the song with a driving bassline creates a smoky mystery of the future. The song was originally conceived as a jazz song but by changing the harmonic structure of the song, the dense feel was established and a rhythm with hip-hop roots was applied to create the final product. This was the first song the duo wrote and recorded together. Once it was complete, they knew they found their sound. The song is written, recorded, performed and produced by Paragon Cause.

Bio Paragon Cause is a songwriting, production and musical duo based out of Canada’s Capital, Ottawa. Dutch Orange and Cape Breton Green combine to bring their love of Hip-hop, jazz piano, 80’s synthesizers and 50’s guitars to create music that is mysterious yet familiar. Flowing vocals with dense harmony mix with dark modal guitar playing, all set to retro drums.


Marnie, from southern Ontario, Canada is a trained Jazz singer and pianist whose strong songwriting skills set the base for many of the tunes the duo produce together. Influences include Mamma Cass, The Beatles and Beethoven. Her songs often discuss topics that can challenge the average listener to embrace deeper meaning and emotion.


Kirwan, originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia shied away from the Celtic influence of growing up in Cape Breton and was drawn to bands such as Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets and early Ice Cube. Juxtaposed with his love of The Cure, Janes Addiction and The Raveonettes, his guitar playing and production skills pull together all his influences to create dense and dark arrangements.


The duo writes, records and produces all songs.














JJ Soul Band



The songwriters, Kormáksson and Soul, met in Iceland 1993 and soon began writing music together. In 1994 they made their first CD, “HUNGRY FOR NEWS”, with JJ Soul Band and “CITY LIFE” in 1997. On both CDs the music is many-sided; blues, R&B, fusion, rock, pop and latin, sometimes all in one (blues-confusion?). Singer/songwriter JJ Soul is from Oxford, England but Ingvi is from Iceland as the rest of the band. The band has hitherto mainly served as a vehicle for the songwriting team. The band’s third CD is “REACH FOR THE SKY. The band’s fourth album is BRIGHT LIGHTS (2008). – Two songs, “City Life” and “Do, Re, Mi”, appeared on 4CD-compilation “The 1st Smooth Jazz Avenue” (Sony BMG Music Entertainment) in Poland. The band’s rendition of “My Funny Valentine” is on 3CD-compilation “In Love With Jazz” (QL Music, Poland)


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Nominated HMMA, Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2013.

Excerpts from reviews (Bright Lights) I seldom heard more talented musicians gathered on one album. Also the arrangements and lyrics are top level, and sound tight, complicated and easy listening at one time Harold van Dorth, August 12th, 2008 Bobtjeblues (August 2008)



Bright Lights, the newest album from JJ Soul Band, is a nice combination of easy listening blues and adult contemporary pop-rock. There’s a little something for everyone in this album. With a stellar band and instrumentalists at hand, the boys from Iceland execute nicely. ..All in all, it’s a well-produced and recorded album. Awakenmusic (October 2008)



Well played and arranged, unimpeachable mixing…excellent musicianship… JJ Soul’s voice sounds great….top level blues/jazz/fusion album. – Dagbjartur Gunnar Lúdvíksson – Monitor; 19/08/2008



The (musical) approach is characterized by artistic shrewdness and good taste. Bright Lights is a fine and solid album, unaffected and competent. Interpretation always full of artistic aptitude and perception. Orri Hardarson – Morgunbladid, 9. Aug. 2008.




The album contains 2 discs.

CD-1: English lyrics by JJ Soul, Portuguese lyrics by Jussanam da Silva and two instrumental songs.

CD-2 includes the same songs with Icelandic lyrics written by various authors.

Nine vocalists perform on the album, veterans like Gudrún Gunnars, Eivor Pálsdóttir and Thor Breidfjörd and younger generation jazz-singers like Marína Ósk and Erla Stefáns.
The musicians include Jóhann Ásmundsson (of Mezzoforte) on bass who also engineered and mixed the album, Einar Scheving on drums, Vignir Thor Stefáns on kbs., Edvard Lárusson (of JJ Soul Band) on guitar, Birkir Freyr Matthíasson on trumpet and Stefán S. Stefánsson on saxophones who also produced the music.


Ingvi Thor Kormaksson is a native Icelander and has occupied himself with songwriting for the past 30 years or so and has to this day 11 albums to his credit. Altogether; he has had more than 150 of his compositions recorded by various Icelandic artists. He writes mainly in the AC (adult contemporary) genre, but jazzy chord progressions and bossanova rhythms are often featured in his music. Folk music traditions and blues can also be heard.
Collaborating with JJ Soul from Oxford, Ingvi has written music for JJ Soul Band’s 4 albums (see JJ Soul Band on Reverbnation and MySpace).

LYRICIST JJ Soul is from Oxford, UK; artist, art teacher, singer, songwriter, lyricist, author of books.

“Since my teenage years I’ve admired the music of Brasil; Jobim, Bonfá, Lins and many more composers, and all the wonderful vocalists. Bossanova and samba rhythms have been featured on my albums, even in the more blues or folk oriented ones. Finally I decided to write music for an album that would showcase Latin music only. There are two or three salsa songs here, but mostly the music nods towards Brasil and could also be categorized as AC or smooth-jazz.” – (Ingvi)








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R J Pitie



J. Pitie – a born South African jazz creator & musician – is one such musician who blushes quite plenty when people talk about Smooth Jazz. Having experimenting with Time, Genres, Beats, Sounds and much more in his music he loves irregular phrases, irregular times, irregular tempos & irregular beats and doesn’t apologize for that. He is more in a genre that you’d term fusion but is in fact Smooth Jazz added Symphonic elements with a given African (Setswana Folk) feel/touch and some relatives of varieties in genre configurations…similar to many more smoothies out there. He started as a musician who rarely would lead his songs; most of the times you’d find him in the backline…like a band leader who never plays any instrument in his band than conduct.