This rising crooner was born and raised in Atlanta and at an early age discovered his gifted voice and niche for songwriting. Making his official debut, the singer/songwriter has released his very first single with the sultry “Urge.”


Mycheal blends his church styled vocals and infectious melodies over lush production by Myke Myth. The grown and sexy sounds will lift you up and ‘urge’ you to get close with your bae, while Mycheal croons about an undeniably hot intimacy between himself and his lady.


“Said the fever in me will melt these sheets / My temperature’s 110,” he sings. “And the burning in you will melt this room / It’s a hunger that we both can’t tame.”


“Urge” guarantees to not only heat up the bedroom but also the dance floor.







Michael Tweedy



Michael Tweety has had a passion for playing and composing music for as long as he himself can remember. From grade school symphonic band, marching band and then City symphonic band to playing in his own band made of just him and his friends. He soon shifted his love for just playing music to focus on composing and the production side. His current goal is to build his music library with production styles ranging from Pop to Hip Hop.












A2VT came together when African youth Jilib and MG Man were resettled in Burlington, Vermont as refugees from war-torn countries. There they met producer David Cooper, who had recently moved to VT from NYC and just set up his recording studio. After a couple of years of writing and recording together, the afropop CD “Africa, Vermont” was released, spawning the local single and internet sensation, “Winooski, My Town.” The follow up album is in production, already spawning another three singles and videos.



2018 “Faas Waa” CD Single / Video

2017 “Ghetto” CD Single / Video

2015 “Let’s Get Together” CD Single / Video

2014 “Africa (I’m Coming Back To You)” Video

2013 “Winooski, My Town” CD Single / Video

2012 “Africa, Vermont” CD Album








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